The Financial Resources You Need

Kensington buys a participation of the final settlement and thus assumes the same risk as our clients on the variability of the exact settlement amount.

However, unlike other funding companies, Kensington's claim of the final settlement amount only increases over time on a straight line basis or the same fixed amount per month. Kensington's clients avoid the onerous nature of compounding interest imposed by less competitive funding competitors.

Over time, this makes a huge difference in how much you may have to pay back at the end of your case. The difference is amazing!"

We work quickly and efficiently with your lawyer to determine how much we can fund. We can often get you a check in 24 hours.

Our streamlined service gets money to your clients faster and with simple variable gain. Contact us today and have a check as soon as tomorrow.

“Quick Application, Quick Funding, Quick Approval – often within 24 Hours.”